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It’s a challenge to be away from home for six weeks. In an attempt to recreate life as I know it, I lugged a pile of stuff and an even bigger pile of good intentions when I headed to Liston to joint house-sit, alpaca-sit, dog-sit, cat-sit and chook-sit for my daughter. Needless to say, most of them travelled back with me untouched.

When I look back on 6 weeks, I wonder how on earth I spent my time. I cooked a lot … and shopped inordinately … and bought and wore a pair of knee-high boots … and wrote a few real letters, on paper, with stamps … and watched David Attenborough docos … and collected eggs … and visited family on Mt Tamborine … and went to the drive in. Eventually, in the last two weeks, I fulfilled a few intentions: I walked through the Liston bush and enjoyed the Junction track at Girraween and had lunch with one of my daughter’s friends.

I walked Em and Loki

I learnt the deceit of cats – in daytime a peaceful ball of fur: at night a dismemberer and disemboweller of mice and birds

I became enamoured of fence lichen …

… and Liston bark

I visited my son at work in the Ecosciences Precinct, Brisbane

I caught the early light and long shadows on a Gold Coast beach …

… experienced the Gold Coast surreal …

… and watched my grand-daughter conquer a Gold Coast sand dune

I visited Coochiemudlo Island in Moreton Bay …

and found dramatic reflections and strange shells.

I found more lichen to feed my amour in the Eagle Heights back yard.

I finally walked the junction track in Girraween National Park

… and saw Boronia amabilis (maybe)

… and lunched below a boulder.

I fed my rock patterns obsession …

… and indulged my propensity for failing to identify plants.

However, I didn’t become fluent in Polish … complete my paid work … knit … perfect a few recorder pieces … write a stunning nature piece for a writing competition … master my i-pod … immerse myself in Polish history … walk daily … and so it goes on.