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I overnighted with my son and his family at St George's Basin and went for a walk with him and the dogs at sunset. I've finally acknowledged that I can't photograph a straight horizon, so I am exploring the possibilities of the total diagonal, exaggerating a flaw into an art form!
The next morning, I went out to Swanhaven and walked along a track which veered away from road noise and gave me the roar of the surf, a swan, a flight of ducks, water shimmers on a pole, berries (unidentified blue ones and those of rough-fruit pittosporum, gleaming red in their orange pods) and a chance to indulge a reflection obsession, which I've been avoiding since I returned from Warsaw.
After a very satisfactory ramble, I met up with my son and his partner at her shop, Sweet Supply, and prowled happily, buying a few odds and ends for friend-presents and the entertainment of twins at Christmas. For a virtual prowl have a look at
We sat by the water at Sussex Inlet with coffee and milkshake, and watched a small tinny exploit a niche market, ferrying shoppers over the water and saving them a long drive. The sun was warm and the conversation desultory, as it can be with one's children. A pelican lifted off and boats putted past, heading off for a Saturday fish. Peace prevailed.