On my son's recommendation and following his verbal mud map, I turned off the highway just south of Tabourie. The road lived up to the best traditions of national parks roads, and soon became so split-level I was almost driving with the car on its side. My first thought was that it was a case of intergenerational definitions of “good road”. Then I realised my son is well aware of my timidity, and remembered he mentioned a second road, not much further on. So I turned left again, and found a drivable road through tall trees. After a picnic in the day use area I followed a trail towards the sea.

In no more than 300 metres, I saw three species in flower: a colony of tiny orchids (Eriochilus petricola I think – again I failed to photograph the leaf!); Lambertia formosa; and Banksia spinulosa.

These three each have a special connection with a very old friend of mine, and our jaunts in search of wildflowers. When I emailed her with this serendipitous concatenation, she said ” Oh yes, but what you didn't know is that my grandmother's house was called Meroo.”