I really enjoy the sparseness and discipline of this blog: one photo at a time. Sometimes the photo is accompanied by a mini-fiction, sometimes by a short factual or autobiographical piece. The photos are always superb.

The 43rd Floor

daydreamIn these latter years, she had come to adore the sensory garden. That exotic cocktail of lemon balm and wild garlic, with the classic sweet scent of mint, reassured her that summer had indeed arrived. It transported her back to her youth when, as a mere slip of a thing, she would run barefoot and carefree across these lawns until late into the summer evenings. Those days were well behind her now, her health ailing and eyesight almost gone. Yet still, in these inspirational surroundings, she could replay in her mind’s eye her memories of those glorious days, when everything seemed right with the world.

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