Prowling the streets of Potato Point with a friend who is an expert at spotting treasures amongst chuck-outs for council pick up, I found a small cane doll's cradle and snaffled it. When I did my own first detailed scrutiny of my find, I was horrified at the sharpened cane spears on the hood and imagined the damage they could do to twin eyes when wielded by exploratory twin hands. I almost tumbled it back onto the pile of discards, but it was cute, so I kept it, made a mattress and a pillow and a sheet. Last week I solved the problem of attaching the hood with string, blanket stitch and a large eyed blue plastic needle. I ran out of string two stitches from the end, and improvised with red ribbon, which then wove its way around the rim and terminated in two bows.

Now, spears rendered harmless, it is ready for Janek and Maja, who arrive in tomorrow. The spotted inhabitant was bought in Stanthorpe, surreptitiously because my daughter thought a doll was too gendered. The blue inhabitant was bought at Moruya markets out of a suitcase. It was made by an old friend trading under the name Over the hill.