This is one of my favourite blogs. Of course I can’t remember how I came across it, but I’m delighted by every post. Ethiopia has a place in the history of my family. My mother-in-law was there, under fire, playing scrabble, singing hymns, protected by a mattress, at the beginning of her adventuring with a missionary society in Africa in the 1970s. Then in the early 2000s my daughter adventured there on a push bike, en route to study in Jordan. Sara’s blog enables me, not so adventurous, to armchair travel in the footsteps of these two intrepid women.

Ethiopian Wanderlust


Heading 275 km south of Addis Ababa leads to a tranquil lakeside city. It is the largest city in the Ethiopian Rift Valley, was once the capital of Sidamo region, and today it is the capital of Southern Nations and Nationalities People’s region is known as Hawassa. The Sidamo word Hawassa represents – extensive natural suitable for grazing – and the city is indeed affectionate.


Hawassa city situated at 1685 m in the Rift Valley and the main attraction of the city is the remarkable Rift Valley Lake that it embraces and known as Lake Hawassa. The 9000 ha prolonged lake set in an ancient volcanic caldera, is the smallest in the Ethiopian Rift Valley and it is nowhere more than 22 m deep.


This virtual tour is to strolling the dyke runs along the shore of Hawassa which is covered with dense scrub and woodland. The dyke built to…

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