Late afternoon. A sky swirling with grey clouds. Bright sun occasionally glaring down. A blue bay stretching across to the graceful shoulder of mountain. The white wake of launches returning to harbour. The warm air of early autumn. A sloping hillside, green grass drying to straw. A few people wandering around, mostly with cameras.

And scattered across the grass a pack of two-dimensional dogs of many breeds, a large white rhinoceros, figures in a range of human shapes, a large metallic shark, a curvaceous trout, a small school of metallic fish, a bed of white flowers rising out of tyre rosettes, a stone carved in spirals and circles, a flight of stairs running away from the oppression of feet, a pole with a corona of red-eyed heads, welded or ceramic birds, and sensuous forms in steel, hardwood, granite, welded metal.

If you have a space with a background of mountain, sea, sky or bush just waiting for a sculpture, take your pick. Prices range between $400 for a small dog to $12,000 for a largish shark.


Trevor Dunbar & Dinah Vandermeys - Just fine K9s


Ben Eyles - Don't forget about me!


Todd Costa - Juz (just for the fun of it)


Sonja Jacob - Quiet moment


Olive Tanner - Silhouette in profile


Brett Martin - Protection


Travis Woodbridge - Trout


Dustin Clancy - Spot fish (?)


Nina Garcia - Sweetlips detail (?)


Rachel Develin - Enlightened wasteland


Michael Purdy - Pulse 2013


Michael Purdy - Stepping out 2014


Tony Millard - We are watching ... We are listening ... We know


John Gosch - Raptor


Joy Georgeson - Dusk, Boobook owl


Jen Mallinson - Marine motion


Edward Wilson - Evolution


Jenni (Yamuna) Bruce - Move to metal