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I'm a bit startled to discover that I didn't pursue a statue theme while I was in Ploand. I just embedded statues in other blogs. I needed the inspiration of Ailsa at


to bring together a collection of Polish tatues. Her blog about the whispering statues of Rome is a wonderful precursor to the statue challenge


Here's a collection of Polish statues, mainly in Warsaw, but also in Częstochowa and Krakòw, beginning with Warsaw's symbol, the mermaid, in the Old Town market square. I'm on the verge of returning to Warsaw, so putting together this blog was a reminder of delights in store.


Bear in Old Town


Street vendor, Mariensztat town square


Figure near the fountain in Mariensztat town square


Little insurgent: monument to children who fought in the Warsaw Uprising


Monument to the heroes of Warsaw


Shoemaker who fought with Kosciusko


Outside the drama theatre in Stalin's Gift


Outside the new Jewish museum, Warsaw


Lions outside the presidential palace being trucked away


Lion returned to duty outside the presidential palace, Warsaw


Tableau made of salt in the salt mine at Wieliczka


In the town square, Krakòw


Halina Poswaitowska, Polish writer: Częstochowa


Girl with pigeons, Częstochowa