Yesterday I walked around Mullimburra Point with a fellow blogger. For six months I’ve enjoyed her country, as she reveals it in her wonderful blog,


Her country is so close to mine, only a few beaches up the coast, but so different in geology, beach shape, beach-wrack, grass, trees (Eucalyptus tereticornis, instead of Corymbia maculata), bird life and hinterland. Even the kangaroos behave differently. One large fellow stood on our track, narrowed to a sliver by low shrubbery and grass, and was very reluctant to make way for two intrusive pedestrians. Gulaga loomed across the sea further down the coast, and banksia roots wove intricate patterns on the path, chipped to a rusty orange where the mower had passed over them.



Thank you, Christine. I’ve lived in the vicinity for forty years, and never walked these tracks. Thanks too for lunch, waterlilies, lotus, conversation – and a lesson in frugal packing.