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I've only just begun to explore the community a blog creates, inspired by my geographical neighbour and blogging mentor at https://dadirridreaming.wordpress.com/. She replies to comments religiously and enters into conversations with members of her blogging community, something I have rarely done. She also led me to the world of blogging challenges.

It was through one of these challenges, a post on Warsaw statues I think, that I encountered Jo at http://restlessjo.wordpress.com/ Our link was Poland. She grew up in England with a Polish father who was totally displaced in WW2. A few years ago, surviving family contacted him, and she, like me, now has family in Poland and also struggles with that almost vowel-less morass that is the Polish language. Her Monday walks in Hartlepool are recorded in stunning images, sharp-edged like Jeffrey Smart paintings. Her locale seems to be inexhaustible to her, as mine is to me, and for the first time I feel an urge to visit England. I moved on to email contact, when conversation via blog comment seemed inadequate.


A statue link to restlessJo


I'm not very good at keeping track of comments on my blog. Now at least I've committed to checking and answering current ones, but older ones escape me. The other day, by sheer chance, I found a request from an orchid group in Paris to use photos of Dendrobium speciosum, posted in 2011, in a gazette about cultivating world orchids being assembled by her group. So now photos from Nerrigundah Ridge and Bundanon have migrated to the other side of the world.



It's complicated to keep track of comments emerging from the deep past, and it's complicated further by my habit of running a travel blog just for the duration of the trip. I forget that people might keep stumbling across posts, long after I'm back to morselsandscraps and Potato Point. This morning I found a comment from a woman from somewhere in the real world who is interested in my photos from the Canaletto Room in Warsaw's Royal Castle. She's writing a graduate paper about Canaletto and needs images for a class presentation.



Suddenly, the world is on my doorstep, and my photos take on a new life in other places.