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The Narek Gallery in Tanja near Bega has regular exhibitions that are always worth a visit, not least because of the building that houses them.


The current exhibition is called Creating depth: woven space, and showcases the work of Jennifer Robertson. It is one of the many privileges of living on the south coast to be able to enjoy the work of an artist with an international reputation, who exhibits internationally and whose work is in many international (and Australian) collections. I spent half an hour alone with the weaving, with permission to photograph: this always helps me to see, and enables me to savour later.

Displaying such pieces is a challenge: many of them are different back and front. Hanging them as banners allows both sides to be seen and also emphasizes their lightness.


The catalogue explained different processes: jacquard, double cloth, triple cloth, quadruple cloth. It also listed materials: wool, silk, linen and cotton. I welcomed this information, since my knowledge of weaving is minimal, my only experience on a simple loom when I was eight.

I was drawn first to the weavings taking inspiration from nature, especially tree ferns, palms and anthills.

But there were textural, colour and design pleasures in every piece.